Sunday, 27 March 2011

Spring has sprung.

It has been very busy on the farm.

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, sort of.

My Precious First Sheep, Bonnie prolapsed and I have been alternating between fretting and pushing the entire mass back in.
We tried stitching it but that did not seem to work so we have placed a prolapse harness on her and hope that this works. She is back in the little shed in a pen of her own.

They are such a worry, sheep.

The others are out in the small field and due to lamb any day. Thankfully, the weather has been warm and dry and we hope it stays like that before the cattle are turned out soon.

The grass grows very slowly here, probably because we are quite high up and very exposed. It is also a relatively short growing season.

The toads are back. I wonder where they go in winter?
We rescued a few which were on the main road and put them in the bog/stream next to the house. There were several there already, each ignoring their neighbour.

The hares have been boxing each other in the fields and they are fascinating to watch. They circle and ignore one another then let rip with a right hook.

There are newly hatched chickens in the hay shed. It really does feel as if that long winter was a dreadful nightmare which has now passed.

The fields have been ploughed and will soon be ready for the crops. Barley, probably plus some potatoes.
The willow have taken very well so that will make a sturdy hedge in a few years time.

Our little boy has taken to not sleeping very well through the night. He was up at 3.30 am this morning, singing and fancying a chat. Sadly, his parents were less communicative, bordering on zombie and did not join in. We are finding these nocturnal concerts rather soul destroying and have resorted to bribery to encourage more sleep.

Everything is bursting full of energy and vitality.

Everything except the Farmer and I.

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