Friday, 27 May 2011

Lost in Day-Glo.

We are shocked at the damage the storm has done to the surrounding area.

Many trees have been uprooted, about 40 lovely oak trees down a few miles away, things blown where they have no right to be and unrecognisable objects caught on buildings or trees. They flap like Nepalese Prayer flags offering a silent prayer to the Ether.

We are back to normal, the roof mended. The bedroom wall shall take a bit of work though but I am secretly thrilled because it will be much better than before and this time we can stuff insulation where there was none.

We had a strange visitor or group of visitors on Wednesday.
A posse of Hydro Electric vans came screaming up the farm road - I counted four vans packed with men plus a heavy lifting machine.

The little one and I went out to see what they wanted.

"Where is your car?" asked a very official looking chap in a Day-Glo vest.
"It is there". I pointed to the car which was about seven feet away. I was puzzled.
"Where is your other car" Mr Day-Glo demanded.
"No. That is the car there. Why?"
"Where is the car with the electric wire on top?"
"We don't have one".
"Look, we have been called to this farm where a pylon cable has snapped and has trapped someone in their car. at this postcode".
"What is the name of the farm you are looking for, please?

He told me the name of the farm and I had never heard of it.

"There must be some mistake, this is The Mains of ClartyBog Farm. The farm you are looking for does not exist".

Another chap went around the steading to see if we were hiding some terrified person in a car with a pylon on top and seemed vexed not to find one.
I started to worry about the real victim, poor soul, trapped while the Monty Python team did the Spanish Inquisition routine guessing at farm names.

"Can you tell me the person's name, please. I know most of the people nearby".
He said the name and I was quite shocked. This person's farm was quite a few miles away and it would take a while to get there.
I gave them directions and they all melted away.

We later discovered that the other farm did not have a trapped person either so God knows what happened to the real trapped person or where they were. I hope they are ok.

It just adds to the mystery of What The Jeff Happened on Monday Afternoon.

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