Friday, 15 June 2012


When did June sneak past so quickly? Two minutes ago it was February and now we are almost at Midsummer.

We have had a couple of difficulties namely that the oat crop never grew, it failed to germinate completely so we are left with the dilemma whether to attempt a second seeding of kale or try something else.
It is late for sowing something else and there is such a short growing season here, time is against us.

The Farmer is his usual philosophical self; "These things happen", he said, quietly. No mention of the hours spent ploughing, preparing the land, seeding and waiting. It is just one of those things that occur and he thinks that the extreme dry spell may have affected the germination or there was something up with the seed.
Who knows?

I have every faith that he will chalk this down to experience, a few more furrows on his well ploughed brow, add a bit more salt than pepper in his hair colour then set to the field and try to sort things out.

Still no word either about a roof for the farmhouse. Man, are the estate slow in making a decision given that the first request went in in 1976 by the previous Farmer, my husband's father.

Crops have grown or failed, we have produced a new generation in the form of our children, hell, even the Planet has warmed up and sea levels risen in the time it is taking for the estate to make a decision.
I think they should just go wild and stick the roof on, as a gesture that they give a fig about the farm which the family have worked for 125years.

We can cope with crop failure, somehow.

Coping with abject failure of an uncaring estate is a little harder....


  1. Tactic used by the powerful....trying to make you feel as insignificant as they regard you.
    It's attacks your self esteem.

  2. Yes, it does illustrates very clearly what the estate think of their tenant farmers, the fly in the web.
    Agree that it is not great for self esteem but it attacks the very fabric of their own buildings even worse...

  3. Very interesting blog. I've been back and read every post from the beginning. I'm a retired agricultural lawyer and there's a piece of advice I'd like to offer you privately. If you're interested in hearing it (and I can readily understand that you may not and/or that you will have heard it umpteen times before), send me an e-mail on neilking 84 at hotmail dot com (but with no space between the neilking and the 84).

  4. Thank you, Neil and Carol.

    We are very appreciative of any advice and I have written to you.