Thursday, 16 August 2012


The Scottish schools have reopened for the autumn/winter term and many five year olds will be settling in to an entire new routine.

Our son should have been one of them but given our geography, there is an issue with transport and we were never entirely sure which school he should have attended in the first place, boundaries and the like.

So, he is being educated at home.

He is very keen to learn and although this is only day two, he has been learning and writing the letters of the alphabet. Counting was cunningly disguised as a cookery lesson and he had to weigh out ingredients, crack eggs, cut out the scone mix then lurked until they were ready for eating.

We made jam yesterday.

He is a delight to teach.

The television is switched off, no radio reception here so the house was in relative silence. When we stopped for lunch, I wanted to check the news and was horrified to read that the Westminster Government had warned the Ecuador Embassy that it would walk in and arrest Assange.

Putting aside any personal opinion on Assange - the violation of our right to democracy and right to seek asylum in the safety of an Embassy, plus the right to peaceful demonstration appear to have been trampled over.
If this is sabre rattling by the Westminster government then they are even more foolish than they realise. Two billion pounds spent on the biggest PR coup in recent British history, only to be undone on the instruction of William Hague.

The world is watching.

A million miles away, on our farm in the middle of nowhere, today a child learned how to write 'a', 's' and 'kicking kay'. He learned how to make scones. He learned what democracy meant and what happens when it is threatened.

He understood today's lessons and even better, had questions. "Why are they doing that?" was one of them.

It is one of the questions that many people are asking today and waiting for an answer. The sad truth is that a child, living in the back of beyond has already experienced a perception of so called democracy (or rather, the lack of) in his own country.

Remind me. Who owns us?

I cannot even answer that.


  1. Well, I know who owns the British government....the U.S. government.

    How they came to own it is something I cannot fathom...


  2. Excellent comment, the fly in the web. You are absolutely right.

    I was thinking more on the lines of nobody fully knows who owns this land, despite Andy Wightman's tireless endeavours to find out plus a need for transparent Land Registration (like Norway have) but yes, the governments are owned, every square inch of land and the people owned too.

  3. Of course we are puppets of the USA.
    That's why our prime minister ordered the invasion of another country, that's why we send our sons to fight their so-called enemies, that's why we ride rough-shod over the civil rights of our citizens, so that 'the land of freedom and fairness to all' can continue to believe that it is a world super-power.

    Why do they pull our strings?
    I have no idea. Perhaps it's time for Great Britain to announce to the USA "I'm a real boy"