Saturday, 22 September 2012


  • Am testing      the new layout of blogger and all the things on the top line

i don't think I like the new layout lurid colours might come in handy. michty.
that was a jump break. I will sleep well tonight now that I know. Courier font.Wonder if it is from the Dundee courier. Big story last week, a man caused Fear and alarm threatening to beat people up with a black pudding. I kid you not.

I am not pressing either of those two arrows up there on the right. NO. Everything will vanish

tractor pic link

I wonder if it has worked? And how do you unbold?

<smacks microphone and shouts "Is this thing ON">

Big staring grey cow pic.
B.T. That took 2 minutes and ten seconds to load. I will send the cow to chase you.

I need a pancake and jam now. And tea.


  1. The new thingy on blogger drives me mad....

  2. Me too.

    The first preview of Tatty Bogle did not have any paragraph breaks and it was a kerfuffle trying to figure it out.
    Apart from colours and bold, I cannot see any difference apart from making it all complicated thus forcing you to eat more biscuits than necessary in a panic.

  3. Can I join ye for the pancake, jam and tea please?

  4. *shares muckle plate of pancakes and jam plus a big pot of tea*

  5. You can never have too many biscuits. ;)

    I like the sound of the black pudding story - I had some of that for breakfast the other day but I didn't feel threatened by it!