Saturday, 29 December 2012

A nip and a grouse.

I hope you have all enjoyed the festive period.

We are getting ready for the next few days which sort of morph into one; that strange period of New Year when you never know which day it is and visitors that you have not seen since last New Year appear.
I'm eager for life to revert to normality, sans tinsel and Christmas cake. The farm work continues regardless of holidays and the children are missing their friends. (This is not my favourite time of year!)

The weather is still pretty stormy, we have even had a smattering of snow which soon melted and made the burn swell up again. The cattle are dry and sheltered inside and the strange thing I noticed was that they seemed much smaller. The Farmer told me that the cattle's size was 'One of those things' and had something to do with the Belgian Blue genes.
They are stocky and healthy, just small, Lilliputian cattle who are not in the least bit intimidating, docile and a joy to work with. I'm studying some of my father's livestock books to try and find out the cause of dwarfism in some types of cattle.

On the Eve of Christmas, we received a letter from the man who is assisting us with the Battle of the Roof; the estate want us to provide a letter from the bank which proves we have £50,000 in order to do up the inside of the farmhouse once repairs are carried out on the roof.
This is £50,000 that the estate have estimated we would have to spend on their house. This in addition to a rent rise notice so you spend your money to do up their house and pay extra for the privilege. I will need a new cap as my old one is worn out with doffing.

Given that we have spent the last few years buying then storing all the articles necessary and the fact we would be doing all the work ourselves, £50,000 seems rather excessive unless you are installing a solid gold bath with real swans holding the soap, mink baffies and diamond toothbrushes.

How would the laird feel if I asked him to prove that he had fifty grand in his account?

What is sauce for the goose and all that.

2013 about Scotland wakening up and properly losing feudalism?

Slainte mhath.


  1. I know what you mean about New Year visitors. I was convinced some went into hibernation on the 2nd to reappear on the 31st.....
    Oh end to feudalism...there's something devoutly to be wished for.

  2. Is it legal for you to spend money on a property that doesn't belong to you without it being reimbursed by the owner? Funny how the owners have all the benefits and none of the obligations or responsibilities.

    I wish you a better 2013 when your rights are finally recognised.

  3. Hogmanay! When I reluctantly sit up until midnight, cry, eat some cheese footballs then go off to bed. The first footers come in dribs and drabs, drink the cooking brandy then hide for a year...

    Sarah, the Agricultural law (which was made by lairds for lairds) manages to circumvent any common sense and legality by promising to pay the tenant on 'waygo'. Many tenants have been terribly ripped off when they left their farms and those of us who have no intention of leaving will never see a penny back. Roll on reform.

    A happy and healthy 2013 to you both!

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