Sunday, 29 September 2013

We URGENTLY need water.

The farm and farmhouse has had no water for days. The occasional sporadic amount but not enough to store in a tank to wash your hands or flush a toilet.

Apparently, it is news to the estate who are responsible for the supply.

Given that I have taken to emailing them almost daily to let them know we have no water and given that they read this blog, I will ask "Please can we have some water?"

We are currently working in the antiquated grain sheds - a filthy job so the ability to wash our hands would be a luxury right now, even from the outside tap.

The water has been on and off (mostly off) for almost *three months* now. The anticipated 'precipitation' precipitated. The reservoir which has fed our farm since 1890 is full.

I would be asking the wee man in the white van (who is working for the estate) - "What is it that you are doing near the valves early in the morning?" And "Are you going to give us 24 hours notice before the supply stops?"
For the record, there are no leaking pipes on our farm.

It is quite simply really. If the estate are unable to supply us with water then they ought to have this responsibility taken from them and this fundamental human right, the basic right to clean water in Scotland in 2013, given to someone who does have a clue.

Because right now, it looks like harassment and an attempt to drive us out.


  1. And after the positive meetings you had with everyone too. How disappointing. They should be ashamed of themselves, wtf is the matter with them?

  2. Very disappointing indeed and an absolute waste of time. It has been some weeks now since the meeting - adequate time to send the surveyor for a proper survey plus the estate were handed the quote for a professionally installed water filtration system.
    Those who attended the meeting no doubt returned home to clean water, heat, windows and a roof on their homes - all the things we are being denied.
    Looks like humanity is not very high on the agenda of certain Scottish estates.

  3. Water bowsers arrived this afternoon filled with very green water from the stream. What are we expected to bathe in or drink?
    We would not give this gunk to the animals never mind having to boil it for drinking or washing in. the children are forbidden from touching it as we don't know what was in the containers before they were delivered.

    We are busy emptying the grain shed which is a filthy job and safety nightmare. If the grain shed was fit for purpose, it would be easier but it is designed for a horse and cart. The grain is being moved by an auger and by hand just like they did in 1850 when the shed was built.

    We are exhausted and there is a shoot going on, unannounced, where our cattle graze in field six. The shooting tenant lording it over our fields and livelihood without letting us know.

    We are tired, filthy and thirsty. We are also human beings.

  4. My blood boils at this - it seems things are going from bad to worse and to go from contaminated water one year to none at all the next, jeeze, what do they think they are doing?! (or not doing as is probably more accurate)

  5. I am not sure what they are doing as the information we receive is minimal (just like the water supply). I do know that someone is controlling the supply/ valve/ flow as it goes on then off soon after. This is occurring daily (on the days when we do have water for a couple of hours).
    I see this situation as pure harassment.