Friday, 11 February 2011

I should have stayed in bed.

Do you ever have days when the moment your feet hit the floor, you realise it is going to be one of 'those' days?

Yesterday was one of those ghastly days. I smacked my head off the low part of the ceiling the very second I stood up. normally I instinctively duck but not yesterday.

We ran out of coffee but it was going to be ok - an internet delivery order was just about to arrive and I would feel semi human.
The driver drew up....then drove off again.

The car died a death on one of the most remote roads in Scotland which had no mobile signal. Cue a long, sorry walk home.

Most of the day was spent trying to track my shopping and give Tesco their due, they really have no idea about, well, anything really.

Every little niggly thing crawled out of the woodwork and added to the misery. Flooded kitchen floor, tick, dog ramraiding the kitchen, tick, stepping in wet with a socked foot, tick.
The children fought over everything and each told on the other with painful detail. "Mum! he is breathing and MEANING it"......

I even checked my biorhythms - yes, there they were, dragging their knuckles off the floor like a surly oran utang.

The day never improved and actually got worse so I had a pathetic sobbing session/ pity party on the sofa. A hoofing great wallow in the Ocean of Despair.

The Farmer, who is right as rain now, crept up beside me and gave me a hug. His day had gone really well and he was all chuffed and I tried to be coherent but failed.

I fell asleep on the sofa and woke at OhMyGod o'clock. The fire had gone out and I felt a bit disorientated but climbed wearily upstairs to bed.

The shopping finally arrived today. It was all wrong but at least we had milk and coffee.
My car was towed away to the garage. We had managed to muck it out and made it look half presentable and used half a can of Febrese to mask the PieDog/ farmery smell which farmer's cars have although I suspect the mud up to the roof gave the truth away about our profession.

Things have gone slightly better today but I don't quite trust the Fates fully. It was a 'Wait until the rug gets tugged from under your feet' feeling.

Ever the optimist, I hope tomorrow will fare better. I must remember to duck when I wake, though.

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