Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Patience being a virtue and all that.

I made a tentative enquiry, ooh, maybe six years ago.

I upped the ante four years ago then really started to insist last year.

We will throw the dirty word 'BT' in there, quickly. Oh hang on. Quickly is not in their vocabulary.

They came today with a new pole and we missed them. Just when the outside world decides to roll up to the farm with something for us all to watch, we both miss it. I might have even done a baking if I knew. Fancy!

The Farmer has uber lurgy with bells on. That is all I will say about the matter but have every faith that he will feel better soon after some rest and medicine. And broth. Cures everything, broth.

The telegraph pole at the back of the farm fell down about eight years ago. The line trailed in the mud but on such a steep slope that you practically need climbing gear to get to it.
A few years later, a cow managed to wander into this area and I worried that the telephone line might wrap around her hoof so I phoned BT. We cannot have bungee jumping cows or else everyone will want one. The 'Ministry' won't like it.

The cow has long wandered away, calves have been born, fish have evolved, oceans have risen, ice caps have melted since I first notified BT.

Anyway, they came today and erected a lovely new telegraph pole.

In the wrong place.

I will phone them soon and expect them in 2019. I will even point to the area, if I'm spared. (Highland upbringing, we say that sort of thing in the Highlands and look nervously skyward when saying it).

I'll ignore the fact that they have cut us off on numerous occasions due to the bill being sent to a different house and a different name which has nothing whatsoever to do with us. Lets just say that our bill is sent to a family who are not us with a phone which is not ours. (Despite my paying monthly direct debit)

The Farmer will recover, life will go on, Spring will be Sprung, new species will be discovered.

But my Patience may just begin to fray a little.....

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