Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Your support

We are completely astonished and delighted by the incredible support given to us by many people who are outraged to hear of our situation and the plight of other tenant farmers.

It is a scary process, going public yet so many tenants cannot do this as the fear is real.

We have had enough.

We feel that every element of our rights as humans have been stripped bare and we have nothing to hide. We do not want the next generation having to tolerate what we have had to tolerate and fight.
It would not cross our minds to treat our animals the way we have been treated. They deserve better.
People living in sub standard housing, living in fear of recrimination deserve better.

All we ask for is our farmhouse to be wind and water tight plus some heat. We would like clean water too. It is not a lot to ask for.

Tonight, an invisible army walks beside us as we check the livestock, lock the gate then settle for the night. The warmth and protection is palpable and gives us hope.

On behalf of The Farmer, our children, every tenant farmer and myself, we thank you very much.


  1. Gentle Otter could you direct people to the best ways in which to support you as you go through this awful experience? Who can we email or petition? How would you like people to help?

  2. I would urge people to write to Alex Salmond- or Richard Lochhead

    Thank you for your support, Ruby's Mum

  3. Does it help if we in England write?

  4. I have heard that some English tenant farmers face terrible difficulties as well and would welcome support for them, Ruby's Mum.

  5. Hello GentleOtter, I read about your plight on A Taste of Garlic.

    It seems your human rights are not being respected here. If the nastiest criminal can use the Human Rights Bill to his/her advantage, is there any way you can too? It must have its uses somewhere!

    It's probably a hopeless situation for you, and it's a shocking state of affairs, my heart goes out to you.

  6. I have written to Alex Salmond.

  7. I'll also write and protest, keep your chin up!

  8. I could weep for you I really could. I will write instead. Thinking of you x