Saturday, 31 December 2011

And a kick in the pants to 2011

What an unpleasant and difficult year it has been.

The final sting in the tail was to present the entire family with Norovirus or similar so we are seeing out the horrible old year whilst flopping on the sofa like beached fish, drinking copious amounts of water, unable to eat.
Even my hair is sore.

PieDog and Gracie are delighted to feast on all the special Christmas/New Year food and our pathetic attempts to walk them up the hill.

The good things this year have been incredible support, letters, emails, phone calls and generosity when our story went 'public'.
Your support has meant a lot to us and helped us stand up to the bullies when resolve was failing.

Things are nowhere near resolution yet but the New Year will see a new fight for our home/water and I will update with news.

The 'I hope you fall in a dung heap' awards 2011 go to the following:-

Elmer Fudd - you are not Rambo. Grow up, learn manners and how to close a gate. And stop telling lies.

Ditto to your 'mentor'.Times twelve.

Postie - stop swearing at and trying to kick the dog.

Richard Lochhead - for so many reasons.

The entire Tory government- for so many reasons times twelve plus VAT.

So, off you go, 2011, quickly. Glad to see the back of you.

Here is a glass (of bottled water until stomachs have settled) to you all.

I hope 2012 is a better year, so to your health, happiness, love, home and prosperity.

Let's hope it is good. x


  1. You'll be delighted to give 2011 the old heave ho...
    Best wishes for a much improved year to come...and, though you've a fight on your hands still, you've plenty pf people willing to help in whatever way they can.

  2. Happy New Year and feel better soon.

  3. Happy New Year, and best wishes for a better year in 2012. May the bullies have a close encounter with a bull!

  4. Wishing you a positive 2012 that brings answers and resolutions to the woes that befell you in 2011. Good luck xxx

  5. Stay positive and calm, keep focused and remember to stop and smell the roses from time to time. Best Wishes for 2012.

  6. Happy New Year, hope you are feeling better now. Looking forward to hearing some good news from you soon.