Thursday, 1 December 2011

A toast

We sort of missed St Andrew's Day yesterday.

There was a lot of research to do, sheds to prepare for the cattle coming in for winter, rough weather to contend with. It was really rough yesterday, icy cold wind and sleet plus a driech grey light which could be used as a new Farrow & Ball paint colour on posh parlour walls.

It was late in the evening once The Farmer and I sat down. Our little boy was asleep in bed so we could relax a little.

I could not relax at all and felt frozen. Yesterday was a bit full on and the sleet had chilled me to the bone.

The Farmer brought me a hot toddy and a woolly blanket. The toddy was thick with honey, boiling hot and the strong smell of whisky told me there was a generous measure.

I don't like whisky, truth be told and am not a drinker but a hot toddy is different as it warms you like no other substance.

So here is a belated toast to all Scots, their kith and kin and to those abroad.

Here is to the future of our country, where we can pride ourselves on equality, where we can dilute our dram with clean water, where those without homes can be housed in some of the thousands of empty houses.

Here is to progress in land reform and all those who work tirelessly to campaign for our land to be freed from those who do not look after it properly and exploit land and Man.
Here is to the proper death of feudalism. Freedom of land and people.

Let us drink to the prospect of citizens able to provide their families with food grown from their own piece of land and a weaning from the dross sold in the large supermarkets.
To city children enjoying the countryside and learning new skills.
To the farmers of the present and the future. To all those who need our produce and support us.

Take a large drink to the toppling of the grotesque statue which dominates Golspie and which symbolises the very source of the wounds which never heal. People do not need a daily reminder, it is history. It is etched on their souls. Time to bury that entire vulgar episode and all those who were and still are responsible for clearing people from their land, plant rowan trees on top and move on.

I am toasting to a very different Scotland than the one I see now. I am drinking to the one that Wendy Wood told me to fight for. She told me it was worth fighting for and never give up the fight, regardless of the dangers.
It might benefit some of our government to reread her work as they appear to have selective memories regarding the people of Scotland and the land.
It would be wise of them to read Andy Wightman's "The Poor had no Lawyers" and consider making it part of the National Curriculum. To listen what the man has to say and implement his proposals.

The toddy went down in one followed by a small shiver from the effect it had on my frozen body.

If only something could act so well on our frozen land. Defrost it from the stasis it is in.

"Wha is like us"?

Wha indeed.


  1. Cheers to your vision. May it come to pass.

  2. Thank you, Sarah.

    What a fine country it could be if the land and wealth was shared equally.

  3. I'll drink to that, Gentle Otter.

  4. Gentle Otter, I have received an award and have to nominate others for it as well. I haven't been reading here for very long, but I admire your writing immensely, and am in awe of your determination to live your life on your farm. I hope you have a minute to pop over to my blog at Growing in the Fens to pick up the award. Apologies if you don't accept awards, but I have linked to your blog on mine and hope that a few of my readers will hop over here and share in your story too. xx

  5. Morgan, thank you very much for your nomination and I will admit to feeling both honoured and thrilled with your thoughtfulness and support. It has given me such a boost, today. x

    It is cold and snowy here so today I am setting aside time to read other blogs, drink tea and keep warm.

    Congratulations on your award!

  6. Just taking a moment to wish you and your family all the best at Christmas.

    We are all round the fire tonight watching tv together and talking, as well as me browsing the internet as I am not particularly interested in the film, but we are all together!