Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Woolly Fairy

There has been lots of activity by Mumsnetters recently.

We have been knitting or crocheting squares for blankets to give a woolly hug to families in our forum who have been hit by tragedy. We hope our blankets can offer some comfort to those who are feeling bereft.

We knit and natter online, sharing patterns, donors sending wool to knitters (wool and chocolate!), helping novice knitters to cast on for the first time, then marvelling over some of the magnificent squares created by many talented hands.

I moaned that my wool was slipping, that I was using a child's needle and a bigger one of the same millimetre size. They were a brilliant size for a 6 inch square, just slippy and odd.
Patterns flummox me so my squares were plain.

Today, a parcel arrived.

Inside were a pair of amazing needles. Child size, non slip bamboo and an absolute joy to work with.

A note said they were sent with 'much love from a Woolly Fairy'.

I cried.

So I want to thank you, Woolly Fairy for such a kind and loving gesture. The needles are at work as I write, the wool no longer slips and knitting is easier.

Bless you for your thoughtfulness. x


  1. I'd love to send you some wool I have spare as you are knitting for a good cause. If you wouldn't mind sharing your address with me, I'd be happy to pop some in the post. You can leave me a comment on my blog which I won't publish if that is OK.
    I love to knit, but I am pattern-challenged and have to stick to very plain stuff or else get some one to demonstrate a pattern to me, and then I am OK if I can learn it and then just keep repeating it - so it can't be long or complicated!!

    Morgan x

  2. What a lovely thing to do. Nice one, Woolly Fairy!

  3. I am one of the knitters; I'm also knitting on behalf of another couple of Mumsnetters (although they didn't donate chocolate - harrumph)and as well as providing hopefully a drop of solace to the affected families, I'm finding the process very therapeutic (and have dipped a very tentative toe into the world of blogging as a result).
    Your squares look beautiful (love the colours)- I have learnt today that I can't follow a 'grid' style pattern for toffee [unravels several rows furiously]. Sometimes simple is, well, simpler.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    Morgan, that is so kind of you but I have a dreadful confession - I am a wooloholic with so much wool stashed that it looks like I'm keeping rainbow sheep everywhere. I also have five Wensleydale fleeces being processed (in the glory room) and a brilliant spinner transforms them into yarn.
    I love fat wool as I have no talent to make intricate things but my family gave me 'the talk' on 'please stop knitting us felted slippers because they are hideous but we don't want to hurt your feelings and the dog got them'.
    They are going to get scarves from now on.

    Sarah - what an absolute darling thing to do. I am so grateful to my Woolly Fairy :)

    MinnieBar - It is theraputic and I keep thinking about the people we are knitting for.
    Ages ago, I found a book on knitting 6 inch squares, got all enthusiastic then mislaid the book.
    I began a square today, wildly overconfident as I convinced myself that I remembered a pattern. It was random to say the least before getting ripped back.

    How do people manage two colours, a pattern and they knit it quickly? I nearly wrote to the Queen when I managed two rows of moss stitch.