Saturday, 24 March 2012


I rather nervously went in to the gubbins of the blog settings and footered about with bits here and there.

The snow has vanished from the hill a long time ago, there are cattle in the field instead of sheep and I had a notion to put up a new picture.

The photo I chose, one of the little stream in front of the house, ended up so large that you could almost sit with your feet in the water and slap wildly at the midges.
The size of the picture vexed my computer and set the fan off to tornado mode.

Next day (because I had no technical clue what I had done so shut down the computer and went to bed), the computer went crazy as it was fired up but settled down once the vast picture was removed and replaced by one of Bonnie the Wensleydale.

For Luddite technophobes like myself, computers tend to do irrational and unexpected things, whirring and the like. You have to have a basic language understanding of, oh, timelines, up and downloads, side loads, faffloads.

It is a great muncher of time, faffing and footering with a machine which remembers everything you have asked it to do. Unlike me.
The computer is forgiving of the Kafkaesque interruptions which occur when you are in mid faff and borderline panic at having pressed a key which makes the whizzing start again only to be asked "Mum. Do humans eat sea horses?" or "Why are Jupiter and Venus in a line?"

This has been a week of change for all of us.

The land around the farm has changed colour from the buff coloured pastures which slept all winter to the rich brown freshly ploughed soil. The fields are ready to receive fresh crops and new grass.

We have all responded very well to the sun which dried out the wet fields and warmed the earth, warmed our exposed limbs and started the hens laying eggs again.

I changed into my heron mode. I told my family that one day, I would stop colouring my hair to the colour it had been all my life and let it turn white.

I had gone through being The Maiden, had been enriched by children and learning during The Woman/ Mother years and felt ready to embrace the Wise Woman/Crone phase of my life.
Each stage overlaps and is intricately interwoven, creating a whole.

I see the vulnerability and fresh beauty of the Maiden in my daughter and feel able to guide her through her journey using the wisdom and experiences learned during my fifty one years.

The Woman and Mother are eternal.

The Wise Woman is just beginning her journey; slower in step, more astute and perspicacious, ready to embrace the new experiences.

I like the change. It brings freshness and regeneration.

A reflection of the Spring and synchronicity to the heartbeat of the seasons, the land.