Sunday, 1 April 2012

How not to take photos of a collie.


Notoriously difficult to photograph.

She has a knack of wrecking a photo.

Here is her tail.

And here she is doing that 'lie flat as a pancake behind a potato sack' thing that collies do.

Or the 'merge into the shadow of the cow shed so we only see her tail' photo.

And 'dive out of shot before GentleOtter can click the thingy' pic.

Pie on the other hand is photogenic. He will sit looking like the saddest dog in the world because he is in the back seat while Grace is in the front seat having the worst dog photo taken.

Today, I managed to get a photograph of Grace's face. It has taken months and many, many bad photos.
So here she is....


  1. That last pic. was worth waiting for. (Hasn't she learned how to operate the windows yet? They're usually so smart:)

  2. Poor long did it take him to perfect that woebegone look...?

  3. Pie is the master of woebegone looks especially when your hand is not directly in contact with the top of his head, stroking his ears and telling him how wonderful he is. He likes you to do this all day then he does a collie grin.

    Grace can jump up and open the front door, nip in by stealth, raid the dog food sack then nip out again. I suspect she is planning 'opening windows' as her next trick....

  4. My photos come out like that! I tried a squirrel once.....

  5. We once tried to photograph the Boxers with Christmas hats on - for the family Christmas cards, as you do.

    Well, don't bother - it's impossible :D

    What a lovely blog you have.

    Lesley x.