Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rice and Hamlet.

We are beginning to come to terms with the first week at school.

Our son said that his first day was "Ok, but dull". The best bit were the dinners, the rice pudding was 'warmed through, had peaches and was not like mine'....  Rice pudding; rice, milk, heat and sugar - a combination that I have never successfully mastered in all my 53 years on this earth.

Playtime was nice but there was not much to do and he missed the woods and fields. He also felt cold and uncomfortable in his uniform.

He was given a reading book home and proceeded to whisper the 8 pages.
"Why are you whispering?" I whispered.
"Because that is what you do in class." he whispered back.
We read all about Kipper and how he jumped on the bed which had the entire family in it, sort of like Charlie Bucket's house but with children and a dog instead of invalid aged relatives and the whiff of despair.

He was a bit surprised that he had to go back and do the whole palaver the next day but it turned out to be a bit more of a success as they had fish fingers, peas and Hamlet.
"Watch what you drink, Mum because Hamlet and his Mum just accidentally drank poison then died".
I wondered if Hamlet had taken some of the farm water but kept that thought inwardly.

We settled to tales from the Highlands and I told him the story of how the sea became salty, the Cromarty mermaid and other gentle stories. He listened with eyes the size of a young seal and bit by bit, added his contributions by remembering other things from his day at school, reminded by key words in the stories.
He eventually relaxed and fell asleep.

He was not for going today and tried every dodge, high temperature (him), low temperature (outside), the wrong vest and socks, then the announcement that it was all too much and he was going back to bed.

It will get better....I repeat this like a mantra.

The sun will return and it will all be better.


  1. When we came back from Texas to France, my 3yr old son cried for a week when he started school. Then his teacher said that a week was enough and now he should stop. So he did.

    They get there in the end.

  2. Hamlet! We didn't get anything vaguely Shakespearian until 5th year!
    Here's hoping the school dinners continue to be a good draw!

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