Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowed in!

I think we are sort of officially snowed in here.
The schools are closed and according to The Farmer, the roads are 'a bit iffy' which means they are almost impassable. The car has been forsaken for the tractor and the children were gleefully squabbling with each other about everything from marbles to makeup.

The family are outside flinging snow at each other with shovels and sledging with feed bags stuffed with straw. Gracie the collie is leaping about in the snow as if she has springs for paws; she keeps herding them all, especially the bairn and he finds himself being gently led and rounded up by Gracie to the safety of the front door. She is not happy that her flock keep scattering.
PieDog hates snow and is inside with me.

We stocked up on supplies a while back and are fairly prepared should any passing army need fed and watered. Or regular. I found eleven tins of prunes for some odd reason.
I did a big vegan baking which turned out rather a disaster so the little birds are stoically pecking at some spelt rolls although even the woodpecker is finding them tough going.

The land looks so beautiful, well, not right now as there is an actual blizzard blowing and it is a bit of a white out but a few days before, the land looked enchanted when the weak winter sun made an attempt to shine.

The cattle are doing away fine inside and yes, close eyes were kept on 'thon wee bullock' although he seems fairly docile. Maybe he was having an off day.

We have been wrapped up by snow here, the house is being insulated by the thick layer on the roof and I'm doing a battle with the draughts now that the wind is picking up. None of the doors fit so big curtains and blankets are going up everywhere. The wind whistles under the skirting boards so they are being stuffed with strips of newspaper.

We have gone into waking hibernation mode, the work gets done as quickly as possible, wandering around the farm in automation then hurrying inside to thaw out. Then out again to play.

The Farmer is just in - a vision in white, a huge snow farmer, blizzard kissed oilskins.
"C'mere and gie's a cuddle, lass!"......

It is days like these which make winter pass quickly, all too soon forgotten, come Spring.

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