Friday, 8 April 2011

A bit of R & R

The Farmer is home.

He was operated on but is well enough to be back on the farm.

It has been a crazily busy time and this week has flown past so quickly with lambs being born, long trips down to Dundee and back, a million things to cope with....

Truthfully, I hated the journey to Dundee. It is such a fast road and sometimes I was scared of falling asleep at the wheel or zoning out and hitting someone. Luckily it did not happen - I think you run around on pure adrenalin and have chameleon eyes.

The hospital is vast.

That entire building in the picture is Ninewells Hospital. It is not a place I ever liked despite doing part of my training there a thousand years ago, it seems.

My eldest son and I have sort of coped in The Farmer's absence. We coped in an "Oh my God, are we doing this correctly" Heath Robinson way.

The lambing is now finished after Bella produced one tiny lamb. It sits in a Sphinx like manner and I admire it's zen calm.

The weather has been kind and the little lambs are loving the heat of the sun.

Our little boy has been unable to sleep at night which is completely understandable but his sleeplessness has left me feeling shattered during the day.
He saw the whole incident on Monday and tightly held my hand as the ambulance tentatively dodged the potholes on the farm track. (we filled them in)
He did not say anything but his eyes showed so many emotions. I hope he can heal too, given time and reassurance.

We have begun the long, slow process of recovery, rest and a change of diet. I completely blame the pies which The Farmer could pack away as if they were going out of fashion. Their fat content closed his arteries completely and stopped the blood flow to the heart.

I am going to rest with my husband and children. We have done lots of the full on, manic work, emptied sheds of dung, ploughed all but one field, seed is ordered, potholes done, fences mended.....

Yes, it is time to sit quietly for a while and just enjoy the Spring sun with my Farmer and our bairns.

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