Sunday, 10 April 2011

No rest for the wicked.

My dream of sitting quietly in the sunshine with the family lies as shattered as I feel.

First of all, Piedog ran down the track and on to the road in front of an oncoming and fully laden tractor at about 7 am. I was right behind him but not nearly as fast as he was and apart from a real swearing from the farmer (to me), Pie was fine.
I think I may have been a tiny bit sick having to burst into a sprint so early.

The day got worse from that moment.

The Farmer felt a bit unusual and very tired - I think he overdid things yesterday plus the tablets are bound to have an odd effect - anyway, he was bundled back to bed to rest.

The little one sprayed Febrese into his mouth while I was helping the Farmer upstairs. Much wailing, more running, this time for water and cloths. He was fine but stank of sandalwood for a while.

Rosy took an almighty strop. Perhaps one of us had looked at her sideways or breathed wrongly but she stormed off to her room in a huff.

The cattle managed to squish themselves into a tiny corner of the barn where the haybales are stored and were jam packed like sardines. Mooing, slavering sardines. The son who did not smell of sandalwood managed to get them all sorted out and calmed down then repaired the barrier which they had trashed.
ASBO cows.

The rest of the day has been a blur of domestic drudgery - cooking, washing, bleh...

The little one managed to get Olbas Oil in his eye.
Pie ran down the road again....

The Farmer is fine this evening, good colour, well rested and fed and feeling fine.

I, however, look, feel and no doubt smell like something which has been dragged through a hedge. If I had the energy, I would throw Olbas Oil in my eyes and run wildly down the farm track but would probably get flattened by the same grumpy farmer who braked for Pie.

Luckily, I have not the energy left to do it.

I am going to put the children to bed and get everything settled then sit and stare at the wall for a while in a vacant way. It is all I am fit for.

Tomorrow, we need a stockman, stonelifter, shepherd, poultry keeper, cook, laundry person, nanny, nurse, mender of huffs, dog trainer and perhaps a chocolatier to keep morale up.

I am tempted to concentrate only on the latter.... ;)


  1. Hang on in there, gentle otter! X

  2. Yes, do hang on in there. It's Justabout here, I am thinking and praying of you lots at the moment, I often read your blog but rarely comment, just to say howdy and hang on in there, as KC says.

  3. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It is humbling to receive such warmth and support. :)