Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tilting at windmills

I am wracked with guilt today.

The cattle were sold this morning, well, they were taken away in a huge lorry to the market to be sold. They are not going for slaughter but going to a new farm. One which has lush grass and kindly nature, I hope.

The lorry came at 6am so I was up at 5 to be super ready, rechecking that they had their passports - all the cattle have a movement passport each so they are traceable via their eartags.

The lorry arrived and I was glad that the driver did not use a stick to move them - the cattle have never had a stick near them and I hate to see one used.

My eldest son was already helping to move them into the cattle float and they went in with no trouble.

I felt completely hellish once the float drove away.

The Farmer was still asleep.

Later on, we decided to go to Aberfeldy and take the children to the park plus we would go there via the long way or scenic route as it was such a lovely day (and to take our mind off things).

We got halfway to Aberfeldy then the road, normally very quiet, was blocked completely by a huge convoy of lorries carrying enormous turbines.

It is very disparaging to discover that your road is blocked by windmills both physically and mentally. Sometimes it is easy to feel like one of the Quixotes of this world, eternally fighting injustice through chivalry (or hard work) yet for what?

The winners are the land owners, not those who live and work under the blades. We are the people who pay extra for our electricity in order to subsidize the wealthy land owners.
It is one of the greatest cons today.

The land owners who 'own' us as tenant farmers, who grow fat on the back of our work, our rent, our knowledge of the land..... those who care not one jot of our wellbeing.

Our family trip was spoiled in more ways than one so we turned up a side road and went home.

Tilting at windmills was postponed for another day.

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