Monday, 13 June 2011

All grown

The beginning of this week has been one of those times in your life when time itself stops for a moment while the world continues around you.

Rosie has left for her school trip - it is so far away this year - yet we managed to get her case packed, money organised and everything.
The time stopping moment happened once we had returned from town with a few new clothes and a dress; she was flitting around like a butterfly, wrists all adorned with jangly bangles and she had a large blue flower in her hair.

The child had gone and a beautiful young woman had taken her place.

Just for a moment, I saw little pictures of her toddling beside me, her plump tiny hand in mine, her first day at school when her eyes filled with tears, the day she won a race on Sports Day....
Time had hit fast forward.

"Mum, come ON", she laughed as I fretted over anything we had forgotten.

We bundled all her luggage, small brother and PieDog into the car and left for school. Once we arrived, she carried her little brother around so everyone could see him and he clung to her like a koala.
Her best friend was waiting while Rosie put her brother in his carseat and after a quick hug, the pair of them strolled off arm in arm, heads together as they confabbed about the latest gossip.

I left feeling really happy for her yet I think every parent will understand when I say I felt slightly bereft too. Time had moved and that thump of understanding that the child was there no longer.....

Today was the little one's last day of being three. He is wide eyed with excitement and questions.
"Where does three go, Mummy?"
"It changes into four, magically" I reply wistfully.

I cuddled his tiny pyjama clad figure and, despite the tantrums, wilfulness and strops, realised that being three was a really special age and this moment would never return. I wished that cuddle could have frozen in time.

Tomorrow, there will be birthday cake and fuss, presents and fun - four will come in like a lion just like three left like a lamb.

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