Saturday, 25 June 2011

Once upon a time....

.....Once upon a time there was a pasture where no mechanical object had ever been.

The pasture had a small stream flowing through it and was a haven for many types of wildlife including otters, fish and lots of birds. There were yellow flags and rushes plus lots of wildflowers for the smaller creatures to enjoy.
The pasture had unimaginable peace and tranquility and it's beauty was breathtaking. Humans mixed quietly with the wildlife and found it helped heal the many wounds caused by fellow Man.

The family who cared for the pasture took great care to keep the pasture in it's natural state and managed to do this for one hundred and thirty years.

Then one day, a new neighbour moved in. He was very important as he had Shooting Rights.

He strimmed the pasture and held a corporate clay shoot. He invited many people yet did not let the family know.

The children belonging to the family went to play in the pasture but they had not been seen by the people having Fun at the clay shoot.....

The children and farm animals, who were also in the pasture, ran terrified and came to find their mother. The cattle and their brand new calves stampeded with fear and ran to the furthest part of the pasture.

The mother of the children had to walk through shots as the shooters could not see nor hear her. She was very scared.

She discovered that the pasture had been given to the Important Man who assured her that he could shoot any where he wanted because he was Important and had rights.

This was news to the family and made them feel awful.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, untouched pasture which was a haven for wildlife. It was quite unique.

Now it has gone.


  1. I'm so sorry :(

  2. What a beautifully written but heartbreaking post! I wish we could get "poking in the eye" rights for idiots like that! x

  3. We are all so shocked but it seems there is little we can do as the law favours these people.

  4. That is so sad, I am sorry GentleOtter.