Monday, 27 June 2011

900 years

It has been one of those Wallow in the Depths of Woe weekends. Sort of Eeyore at Glastonbury without the bands or people.

Sunday was dire and it poured rain just to reinforce the gloom.

I lay in a crumpled heap and weighed up all the pros and cons about the way we live, work, our perception of those who 'trespass against us', the mud and any other issue which could be dredged up.

At one stage, there was dreamy staring out the window like having a crush without the passion. That was enough of that.
Stop mourning, get your wellies on and think of something.

Think of how Scottish feudalism was only reformed a few years ago after a tick-like hold of 900 years.
Think also of the wording of the law, the use of 'superiors' and 'vassals' of burdens and the dreadful 'clawback'.

Money becomes the God which is worshipped, morals and gentility are thrown to the wind.

I mooch about for a while, enjoying the wallow but realise it is only a passing guest.

"Thank you but off you go, Gloom and Despondency, you are starting to get on my nerves". I open the door to let them out and the fresh, rain soaked air in.

The Farmer is through in the other room with the children. They are doing a jigsaw and nobody is fighting, for a change.

"Would you ever consider a change of career or country" I ask him.


That reply is good enough for me. It is enough to unleash a rage against the injustice of the Unjust. It is fuelled with the energy of 900 years of oppression. The vassals and the inferiors blow a fierce gale from their long dead lungs.
The land which we look after is not only our legacy to our children but there for people who care.
It is not for those who wish to trample roughshod over the land and it's carers. Many of us have tolerated this feudalistic vandalism for far too long but have woken up to the 21st century and sniffed the inference on the wind.

What we have is worth fighting for.

Let the battle commence.

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