Friday, 7 January 2011

Back to basics

Oh, the water is off again.

It was nice to have it running these past few days but the temperature outside has dropped to minus 7 and has refrozen the supply pipe. And my heart.

We are cutting and chopping wood today - the fuel is getting low so the limbs of the oak tree (which fell off during a big storm last autumn) will hopefully be burning on the back of the fire this evening. It was one of those jobs which was on 'the list' but we forgot.

The entire wood collecting act gets your inner radiator fired up, all that carting and chopping. The kindlers go into the bottom of the Rayburn to dry.

The sky looks thick with snow to come and the air is very still. I think several extra layers of clothes are prudent today as the house is bitterly cold inside.

So fuel and water are priority today.

Just like the cavemen.

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