Sunday, 2 January 2011

Is it just me?

Is it just my imagination or has it suddenly become a luxury to live as you used to prior to Christmas?

When did it become so expensive for a liter of diesel (£1.30+ here and rising)?

Power and domestic fuel have rocketed as well as staples such as bread and milk. Good God.

The greed of the large supplier far outstrips the means of the consumer and at this rate everyone in the country will be cold and skinny. All, except the Fat Cats.
We will all be bled dry and no longer have the means to afford the most basic standard of living. Nationally, we will all have to work more hours than a day can provide just to put essentials on the table and heat for our homes.

I would be up for a revolt. I think one is due. I think everyone in the land should demand their wages in cash or gold ingots and boycott large supermarkets.

A wild rant about the banker's bonuses or the perks of those in government would fall on closed ears - everyone is too tired or frozen to care so the greedy ones get off with it. The majority of people are not complacent, they just don't know where to begin, I feel.

This state of affairs is alarming and potentially dangerous for some of the more vulnerable members of society. How do they tighten the belt when it is already at the last notch?

We, as farmers, try to cater for demand, albeit on a tiny scale but the fruits of our labours lie unsold in the big sheds as it is cheaper to import than it is to buy homegrown produce.

I fear that our society will end up going back to Victorian times and already the hints of regression are beginning to appear...

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