Thursday, 9 December 2010

Crimes and misdemeanors

"It was not me, Mummy, I am being a GOOD boy!"

The little one has emerged from his 'nest' behind the sofa. He has dragged in all the things that are important to him; Lego, his fleet of tractors, SockMonkey, half a packet of Abernethy biscuits, his Iggle Piggle blanket and a multi coloured PieDog. I should have known when he was being too quiet.

"Have you been colouring PieDog with felt pen" I asked the blue, green and neon pink vision which reluctantly joined us in the main body of the kirk, so to speak.
His eyes went as large as organ stops and I knew he was cooking up a real ghoster.
"No, I was making Christmas decorations, I could'nt find the glue and PieDog came into my den".

PieDog is now a Technicolour Collie. He is still splattered with the eggs he stole yesterday, so predominantly yellow, a hint of pink glitter pen and various blobs of blue and green. He also looked remarkably tinselly and after further investigation, I found a pile of deceased tinsel, circa 1960 and past it's faded glory.
(The thought did cross my mind that he would be a brilliant accessory to a dour frock which hangs forgotten in the wardrobe.)

"I think we will have to have a bath day" I announced to the guilty throng......Horror!

"Well, I can't because I am stuck"
"Stuck ?"
"Yes, I am stuck in mud. My Fordie can't get out of the mud".
"Shall we try the John Deere or better still the Valtra? The Valtra can get out of anything".

He thinks for a while.

"Naw. I'll wait for Daddy to come with the loader and dig me out. I'll just wait."

I think we can indeed delay the bath sentence for sheer ingenuity.

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