Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Water angels

It has been a lovely sunny day but extremely cold. Bitterly so.

The postman appeared up the track (on foot) and had a huge pile of mail and I just wanted to hug him. The first of the children's Christmas parcels had arrived so I hid everything in the big, wooden wardrobe in our bedroom. The one which the tiger lives in near Christmas time....

I thought that if the postie could get here then we could get down to Perth and do the Big Shop. We got down the farm track, onto the country road and after a scary ride ( "You are going so fast, what are you doing?" - Husband replies "Five miles per hour".  Me - "It is four miles per hour too much. You Perthshire folk are always rushing".)

The town to town roads were not too bad and we finally reached Perth.
Perth can sometimes seem quite a dour place but today it was like the Ice Queen's Palace. Every single house had myriads of icicles hanging from the gutters and the big church in Atholl Street looked so beautiful with huge icicles and thick snow on it's eccentric roof.

We stocked up with sacks of 'Champion Tup Mix' which the sheep love, licks to provide them with minerals, sacks of carrots to boost the feed, mixed grain for the hens and thick socks for us.
We also bought a frozen turkey and all the bits. (And don't tell the children but one or two things from their letters to Father Christmas).
We got more radiators and some fairy lights from B&Q and stood under their industrial radiator for longer than strictly necessary.

The journey home was pretty grim road wise. It started off well but got increasingly worse the closer we got to home. Our road is just a joke and I wondered which one of us would fall first whilst we were dottering to and from emptying the car.  (daughter)

When we arrived home, I was amazed to see loads of huge containers full of water, sitting on the doorstep. No note, no clue, just the most welcome sight. My husband has filled the tank in the loft and tonight I am going to have a tiny bath and wash my hair.

So to the Water Angels - thank you. What you brought means the world to us right now.