Sunday, 26 December 2010

The morning after the day before.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

My moment of peace yesterday was indeed brief and it ended up being one of the busiest days in a long time.

The Farmer had a bit of a day.
He and our youngest son had gone to settle the cattle on Christmas Eve; it was reasonably early and the little one was a bit over excited so the Farmer thought it would be a good idea to let him 'burn off some energy' then he would sleep well.
Some hay had fallen on the ground and the cattle could not reach it so the Farmer went to scoop it up but did not notice that our son had also gone to scoop it up using a large shovel that he had found.
The little one missed the hay but accidentally smacked his father on the side of the head with the shovel.

We managed to get our son bathed and settled for the night then I set to work on the Farmer's stoved in face.
"Do you think it was a message to get him Moon sand, or else the nose gets banjoed?" I asked as I stitched his wound.
I was using an old fashioned butterfly 'stitch' where there is no needle but you catch the wound using thin strips of plaster fashioned into a butterfly shape. He was lucky not to have been hit right in the eye.

On Christmas morning, the big container of water ran out.
The tractor had a puncture.
 Santa brought Moon Sand.

The Farmer could not understand why he was given 'a wee musical iPoddy thing' as a present and felt a bit disappointed.
"I won't listen to it, you know".
"No you won't. You will have a job getting a tune out of it to it because it is a camera".

The day seemed to pass so quickly between feeding the animals, mending tractor tyres, refilling the water container, feeding the family and Coping with Moon sand.
The parsnips caught fire.
PieDog stole a big lump of marzipan.
Colin the chameleon's heat lamp broke.

I enjoyed Christmas Day but in the evening, I felt as if I was wading around wearing two huge watermelons on my feet instead of slippers.

The Farmer and I caught up with each other about 11pm. We enjoyed roughly five minutes peace then the little one woke up and was brought downstairs which was a big mistake as he immediately got torn into the Moon sand and took on a second wind.....

Now it is Boxing Day.
I love Boxing Day as there is no cooking, just reheating. The manic excitement has gone for another year, crackers have been cracked, shattered nerves have been rested, Moon sand hoovered, cattle fed, wounds are healing and there is a big box of chocolates in the fridge.
There is even a full container of water! It does not get any better than this.

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