Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tiny yurls and All That Jazz

Being an older biddy, I am faced with a daily confusion of new technology.

The nearest we had to techno stuff was the Language Lab at school whereby we listened to French through headphones and worried about catching nits from them whilst gazing idly out the window waiting for the school heartthrob to pass by.
Computers were not invented and if you had to make a phone call, you used the big bakelite one in the village centre and shove in two pence pieces.
We phoned 'Dial-a-Disc' and quickly passed round the phone to our friends who stood bopping on the pavement and saying "Is it Donny Osmond"?

Skip a few decades of child rearing and nowadays everything is tiny (and very easily lost). even the names for them are tiny..... MP3, DVD, <racks brain> Wii, and I just heard of Bluetooth only to then discover that it was 'so yesterday'.

We babyboomers put a man on the moon and we listened to Hendrix.
This generation sometimes look at the moon and listen to JLS (?) (tiny txtspk name) and get impatient with my generation who struggle to get to grips with all these New Fankled Things. We just buy them for our offspring, please don't ask us to figure out how they work. (And excuuuse me but the price of them <shock>)

So please forgive me for not answering the comments as I have tried but keep getting asked which box I want to be. I have pressed them all but still cannot comment.
I would not know a tiny yurl if one walked in right now and slapped me with a fish on the side of the ear. In fact, I have probably hoovered tiny yurls up with tiny Lego. The lethal ones which hide and get you when you have bare feet.

I really appreciate your kind comments and words of support. One day, I'll discover which box my identity lurks in and liberate it. Maybe it is refusing to come out because it is Amish and does not approve.
Or maybe I should concede and <whisper> just ask my children.   LOL


  1. I enjoy reading your blog so very much. You are such a funny, inspiring lady!

  2. Your blog is insightful and very enjoyable. I do hope that the water is soon fixed, but at the same time am full of admiration for your fortitude. No Big Jessie whinges, just hard work and humour.

    I am so pleased to read that you have a wee dog. We shall have to meet next summer so that Daphne can meet Pie.

  3. I am only up to this post (just started reading tonight, now can't put you down!), so don't know if you have liberated your identity yet. But if not, type out your comment and then where it says "Comment as", choose the google account. Did you have to create a google account to make this blog? If so use that log in, if not create a google account, on the page it takes you to.
    There. Thats as clear as dishwater isn't it? :D