Monday, 6 December 2010

Deja vu

It snowed here last night and early this morning.

The water is still off and I am desperate for a shower.

We must get out today and I mean out, into a town with a swimming bath and hot showers. And thousands of people. I just want to be part of the hussle and bustle and would gladly embrace being elbowed in supermarkets or pushed off pavements by those who walk with their heads down and who don't see other people.
I will put a scarf over my face as Perth folk cough right at you. Honestly, they just go for it and don't cover their mouths with their hand when they cough. They don't use their indicators either when they drive.

I miss my Mum and Dad but cannot even go near that thought because I need to be strong and cheerful for my own children.

It is very cold outside and we have to do the round of feeding the cattle, sheep, farm cats and poultry. We will muffle up and wade through the snow lugging pails of melted snow, bags of feed and hay.

A fanciful thought that I had last night (well, very early this morning as our little one kept wakening up) was to move into Gleneagles Hotel. Gleneagles!
I googled and yes, they do have rooms, beautiful rooms with carpets so deep you could wade through them, big baths and showers, heating and food when you want.
And at £2,500 per night for the Presidential Suite, perhaps a tad out of our price range. Do they throw Bill Clinton in for that sort of money?

So that is the thought I will hold today...... Fluffy towels, little soaps, luxury and fuss.

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