Sunday, 19 December 2010

High and dry

Water is still off but we have a Plan.

The Farmer has designed an alternative so he is going to put a huge tank in the kitchen and pump water up to the tank. It might look like a nuclear reactor but hey.

We will have to go and find water and lug it home but at least it is easier than humphing 25 litre canisters up into the loft with rope.

I feel wildly thrilled about the new tank and system (if it works but I think it will) and it is funny how your priorities change. When the water is there, you turn on the tap and never give it much thought. When there is no water, you become obsessed trying to find some.

It is minging not having water and we are seriously thinking of a plan B except we cannot really come up with one yet. We both feel tired and cannot think properly.

Tomorrow is the run up to Christmas and you like things to be especially clean and organised but things are starting to slip and it is getting a bit overwhelming, to be honest.

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