Friday, 17 December 2010

World tour of Scotland

His big eyes have filled with tears.

"I love Edie Mcready" he says and the fat tears slip down his endless eyelashes, taking an age to drop on to his little flushed cheeks.

He isn't well. He is full of the cold and had a terrible night. His temperature was frighteningly high and he kept talking (thankfully).

He is a little perkier today but knows today will be a pyjama day so he is in a nest on the sofa. His eyes look overly bright. I give him a big cuddle and pass him some juice.

"Do they really live in Balimory?". My daughter has beckoned me over and asks just loud enough so I can hear. She does not want her little brother's illusions shattered.

"Well, some of them might live in <thinks> Glasgow these days but Balimory is really a real town called Tobermory. The houses really are painted in beautiful colours".

"Shall we go there?"

I type Tobermory into Google and we are instantly there. The internet never ceases to amaze me; we take it in our stride nowadays and probably don't give it much thought but to our generation, it is an instrument of amazing potential.

We wander the streets of Tobermory and look for Susie Sweet's shop and Spencer's home.

I save my trump card until last.

"I saw Spencer in Perth. He was driving a bus and he waved to me". Four eyes look back at me with an incredulous look. The little one opens his mouth into an oval and his jaw drops. Spencer is his Hero.

It is true. When Balimory finished, Spencer became a Perth bus driver. He is quoted as saying that he loves his new job and loves when children recognise him.

"I think we need a Hero party" suggests my daughter. She has always loved a Hero party and the small teaset comes out and I make some sandwiches. Sometimes there are biscuits but today they appear to have evaporated in the heat of the kitchen.....

"Where shall we go now" I ask. The world is our oyster and we can go anywhere.

"Let's go to Skye!" offers our daughter. We love Skye and had our first ever holiday there this year. My husband had never seen the West and could not believe the Cuillan mountains.
We google earth Skye and are instantly there.

We might go to Orkney later to look for puffins.

We can fly around the world, magically like Father Christmas on his sleigh. We can look for puffins and dolphins and golden beaches. We can look at the top of Mount Everest as only Spirit can see and we can look for bears in Russia.

We finish our Hero party and soar....

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  1. and while you visit Mull and Skye, i sit in the middle of edinburgh on my lunch hour in an office and visit a small family farm in perthshire :)