Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nothing is sacred...

Just a quick post script to last night's drama.

While I was blindly stumbling about, trying not to fall over and everything, SOMEONE stole the roast potatoes from my plate.

My little plateful of Linda McCartney leek puff with roast potatoes sitting plumply on the side........I was going to reheat it and have it for tonight.
There is nothing quite like the surprise addition of fairy lights in your brain for putting you off your food.

The PieDog was in a different room so it was not him.

Was it a collective decision? ("Quick, she is out of the room and can't see us anyway so two each")
Or did a solitary hand snake out and snaffle them by stealth?

An Omerta falls over the farm and only the Guilty know the truth.....

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