Saturday, 18 December 2010


Back to no water again.

The temperature fell to roughly minus 7 last night - I say roughly because the thermometer came from a toy weather station which St Nicholas brought the children last year. It is nailed to the front door instead of a Christmas wreath.

The North have had heavy snow and I'm not sure if the hills to the north of us took the brunt but we have had very little so there is not the same volume to shovel up and melt.

It looks like this cold snap is here for a while and the roads are very icy for travel but we are going to have to fill the water containers once they are empty. Four 25 litre containers last one day if you are really canny.

Sometimes, you want to run away but today, I know that I would get about ten feet away and fall on the ice. Walking slowly away does not have the same dramatic impact and besides, the dung brown duffle coat renders any dramatic gesture into an object of hysterics to an onlooker.
Try throwing a strop wearing a duffle coat with the hood up.....I rest my case, Your Honour.

Even Paddington has the sense to keep his duffle hood down.

So, no running or walking slowly away, no strops, yes duffle, yes humphage of water containers, no swearing or getting filthy in the big shed.

Am I being unreasonable to crack open one of the chocolate selection boxes in the wardrobe and placate my scunneredness in it's contents?

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