Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fairy lights, A&E

An odd thing happened at 6pm exactly.

The Farmer and I settled to watch the news, usually with text on as the children save their more vocal fights for exactly 6pm.

I was trying to read the newspaper at the same time; keeps the mind on its toes, especially if the newspaper is two weeks old as this one was. I put the big light on as I could not quite see the words.

I looked at the television and could not quite see the reporter. Nor all of the text.

A 'C' shape of bright light occupied my left eye then gradually grew until it looked like someone had placed a string of fairy lights inside my head and gently started swaying them around.

"I can't see properly".

I went to phone NHS 24 for advice and reassurance. They asked a million questions then told us to get to A&E immediately......I felt sick, twofold. First was physically sick, the second was panic about having to go out at night on icy roads with the children. (worst case scenario).
The little one was in his pyjamas but we got him dressed and into his Arctic snowsuit. Our daughter always packs an extraordinary amount of stuff, even for the shortest of journeys and went around stuffing a huge rucksack with books, toys, make up etc.......

We set off and the road was very icy.
Stirling Moss started driving very quickly and we slipped a couple of times.
"Look, I'm fine" I said, not really feeling fine. "Please drive slowly or none of us will be fine!"

We finally arrived at the hospital and it was lovely and warm inside. Lots of toys too, so the little one went charging off to play. Daughter sulked.

The nurses were very quick and did a barrage of tests. My sight had come back to normal and I felt like a fraud.

You do tend to imagine terrible things and I tried not to think about stroke or the glioma which killed my Mum. You tell the terrible things to go away and ask for a Perfectly Reasonable Suggestion as to why someone put fairy lights in your head.

The upshot was a migraine. -No headache or any other symptoms. Bed rest and painkillers were the solution.

We drove home (slowly) to a cacophany of sneezes, coughs and splutters. Not from the patient, I might add.

"Two minutes in the hospital and you are all being the 'Unwell'. What's wrong?"

"I have the flu" croaked the Farmer........the children had been throwing in their very last vestiges of coughs, not to be left out, hence the noises. We were Typhoid Annie on wheels.


This morning, I've dosed up the Farmer and swanned about feeling unusual. I'm fine but my head is  hidden somewhere behind the lunar eclipse and stuffed with bumble bees.....(nothing unusual about that).

We will go and cough at the cattle and they will snort back. I will go and float around my sheep and they will nudge my legs and bring me back to Earth.
Fresh air will hopefully blow the migraine away. It has arrived at a bad time and is made to feel unwelcome.

Oh well, at least it was a night out.... :)

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